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First HD 6990 waterblocks appear in public

Three major watercooling manufacturers demo fullcover waterblock for AMD Radeon HD 6990

As watercooling is one of the most affordable ways to bring those temperatures down or/and enhance overclocking capabilities of high-end PC components, like CPUs, Graphics cards, Motherboards, etc., manufacturer go with the times to present its latest cooling solutions. A good example of that is waterblock designed to cool recently presented AMD Radeon HD 6990, that has two GPUs and lots of other components that generate heat. Therefore, the best way in watercooling is to use fullcover waterblock covering entire area of PCB elements that require cooling.

First, we can take a look at prototype made by Slovenian watercooling company — EK waterblocks:

As you see, EK FC-6990 is made of solid piece of copper with Black Acetal top. According to EK reps, the waterflow design inside the block is different from what we have seen in other The company also works on several version of the block with nickel plated base or/and acrylics top. EK plans to release a single-slot PCI bracket that allows to take over only one expansion slot inside the case

As memory chips, as well as other power elements are located on both sides of the board, EK offers it aluminum backplate which will provide enough cooling and give a nice finish look. Other details: price, specs, will be disclosed in about two weeks when the waterblock becomes available for purchase

Next we move to another famous fullcover waterblock producer — Koolance:

The Koolance VID-AR699 is a full coverage video block for water cooling AMD Radeon HD 6990 cards in single and multi video card configurations. It utilizes a high-performance microfin (0.5mm) design made of solid copper with anti-corrosive nickel plating. Unfortunately that is all infor we have right now. More should follow very soon.

Finally, we have some words from Swiftech:

Epsilon HD6990 fullcover waterblock uses all PCB mount points of default cooling system of Radeon HD 6990 graphics card. Thanks to that, it is compatible with the sock backplate. Inside the block there are two 0.6×0.6mm pin matrix for both GPUs. Just like Komodo HD6900, this waterblock features direct touch VRM plates, thermal grease instead of thermal pads is used to increase cooling efficiency.

Other details include:

  • Pre-installed Memory Pads for memory
  • Black Acetal Housing
  • Chrome plated 110 Copper base
  • Safe Standoff installation
  • Smooth fly-cut GPU areas

The block is expected to be released in mid April. No price info available yet.


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