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FSP enters the “Golden Era”

AURUM Series – brand new line-up of FSP power supplies family

There were no new announcements made from FSP power supply manufacturer for a long time now. However, the other day, FSP has introduced 80 PLUS Gold-certified power supply line-up called AURUM. The new line-up includes 4 models: 400 watts, 500 watts, 600 watts and 700 watts All of them provide up to 90% efficiency.

AURUM Series – Brand new line-up of FSP power supplies family. AURUM Series meets the 80Plus Gold Standard with over 90% power efficiency. AURUM Series is the perfect PSU combination of premium quality and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for those who seek for state of the art technology and environmental friendliness at the same time. Aurum’s sleek design and unique rugged Granite-touch finishing makes it a truly regal Power Supply like no other. Thanks to MIA IC Technology, power supplies are now compact in size, equipped with high power efficiency and maximum protections. In addition, the new Arrow Flow ventilation provides superb cooling performance.

In details, 400W and 500W models have double “Hybrid Synergy” 12V rail design ,on the other hand, 600W and 700W power supplies feature four 12V rails. All models are equipped with high-quality Japanese capacitors that can operate 105 degrees. Due to on-board MIA (Multiple Intelligence Ability) chip set, it can provide ultimate performance & highest protection to your system. Arrow-shaped ventilation of the Aurum-series power-supplies makes use of Aero Dynamics and Physical properties of hot air to improve and speed up hot air extraction. To bring low-temps and quite operation to the unit, PWM-controlled 120mm fan with fluid-dynamic bearing is used. Active PFC is also included.

The line-up is built with the support of V2.92 ATX12V v2.3 and EPS12V standards, comes with a 5-year warranty and will be available in March 2011. The price is not revealed.

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