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Fullcover waterblocks for Radeon HD 68X0 series from EK. Preview

Another company popular among water-cooling fans has also presented its prototype full-cover water block Radeon HD 68X0 series graphic cards.

Another company popular among water-cooling fans, EK waterblocks, located in Slovenia, has also presented its prototype full-cover water block Radeon HD 68X0 series graphic cards. We assume, there will be two blocks for HD 68X0 cards. Here is a quick peak of HD 6870 full cover waterblock:

EK-FC6870 prototype

The base of the block is made of electrolytic copper. As for top, high quality POM Acetal material are used to produce it. The block uses G1/4 threaded ports. We don’t know much about the inner structure of the block, but we believe, it won’t make much difference with previous EK full-cover blocks which have wave shaped small channels that increase cooling surface and cooling performance compared to straight fins.

Test stand with HD 6870 water-cooled using EK-FC6870 block

As we see the block has four in/out ports, which can help WCS builders in more efficient tube routing.
It is most likely that later there will be several versions of this block different it top material, base coating, etc., for example, with acrylic top or with nickel platted base or any combination of those.
Now lets look at how well it deals with overclocked! HD 6870 graphic card.

EK-FC6870 temperature regime

After one hour run of Furmark test the block shows a great temperature result. Even with increased clocks the cards remains to be cool in both meaning of this word. Compared to stock cooling the temperature drop is somewhere about 30 degrees — awesome result.

The latest information includes: EK waterblocks is taking pre-orders for HD 6870 waterblocks. The price is ~75-80 € depending on top material.

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