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GeForce GTX 470 — detailed view

Determination of temperature levels, overclocking potential and possibilities to use alternative ways of cooling of GeForce GTX 470 video cards

Package content

Apart from card there some items one can find inside the box:

  • English user guide
  • Safety measures instructions
  • Mini-HDMI—HDMI cable
  • DVI—VGA adapter
  • EVGA Driver/Software Disc
  • Two 6 pin PCI-E Power Cable adapter
  • NVIDIA and EVGA stickers
  • EVGA sticker

EVGA GTX 470 SuperClocked package content


Software Disc auto-start window:

Software Disc auto-start window

Software Disc content:

  • Drivers 197.17 for ОС Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows Vista and Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • DirectX library
  • KB971512 update for DirectX 11 support in Windows Vista OS
  • EVGA Precision — Exclusive EVGA video card Overclocking Utility
  • English user guide in PDF format
  • NVIDIA visualization technology software

EVGA OC Scanner (stability testing utility) and EVGA SLI Enhancement (patch than can increase card’s performance in some games in SLI mode) can be downloaded form EVGA official web-site after product registration.

EVGA Precision and OC Scanner author — Alexej Nicolajchuk aka Unvinder also known for creating such utilities like RivaTuner and MSI Afterburner.

EVGA Precission

EVGA OC Scanner

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