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GeForce GTX 570 coming next week

Nvidia plans to release its second GeForce GTX 570 next week.

NVIDIA plans to release its second GeForce GTX 500 series graphic card, GeForce GTX 570, next week. This cards is based on GF110 graphics processor, the same that was used in the production of already announced GeFoce GTX 580.

As far as we know, NVIDIA left some room for its partners, meaning it (NVIDIA) will support partners with graphics processors only, instead of usual reference design kits. This means, AIBs can use own PCB designs and cooling solutions in the production of GTX 570. In addition, clocks can be altered too which will be reflected in changes of other specifications. However, GPU performance configuration and amount of vRAM will remain the same. In the end, here are specs of High-End solution of Fermi architecture:

GeForce GTX 580GeForce GTX 570GeForce GTX 480GeForce GTX 470
GPU CodenameGF110GF110GF100GF100
Process technology40-nm40-nm40-nm40-nm
CUDA Cores512480480448
Graphics Clock, MHz772732*700607
Processor Clock, MHz15441380*14011215
Memory clock , MHz(QDR)1001 (4008)950 (3800)*924 (3696)837 (3348)
Memory Interface Width384-bit320-bit384-bit320-bit
SDRAM type1536 Mb GDDR51280 Mb GDDR51536 Mb GDDR51280 Mb GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth, GB/sec192.4152.0*177.4133.9
Texture Fill Rate , GTexel/s49.441.4*42.034.0
Maximum Graphics Card Power,W:244225*250215

* Subject to change

GeForce GTX 570 graphics cards will be available at major suppliers from 7th of December 2010, despite the fact, that currently GeFoce GTX 580 faces some stocking difficulties in retail network, but NVIDIA does its best to saturate the market by the time Christmas sales start.

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