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GeForce GTX 570. Is memory overclocking necessary?

The influence of memory clock rates to performance of graphics card with GPU overclocking


The sequel of Crysis game — top notch First Person Shooter that became a legend not only because of its wonderful D3D10 graphics but also for its hardware requirement. Test were conducted suing FBWH Benchmark Tool 0.33.

  • Game version: 1.1
  • Game capacity: 64-bit
  • API: DirectX 10
  • Graphics settings: Enthusiast
  • Demo record: Ambush



Crysis WARHEAD did not show any change in FPS numbers for GPU only overclocking — GeForce GTX 570 @950/1050 MHz could barely pass the card @900/1050 MHz. The results of GeForce GTX 570 @950/1250 MHz completely clarifies the situation — the memory was holding back power of overclocked GPU.

Far Cry 2

Another First Person Shooter game supporting DirectX 10 API. Integrated benchmark tool was used.

  • game version: 1.03
  • API: DirectX 10
  • Graphics settings: Ultra High
  • Fire: Very High
  • Physics: Very High
  • Real Trees: Very High
  • Demorecord: Ranch Small



Same as 3DMark, FarCry2 shows respond both to memory and graphics processor clock increase. Nothing noticeable here.

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