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GeForce GTX 570 waterblock by Aquacomputers

Design identity allows GTX 570 to use GTX 580 waterblocks

As soon as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 was officially introduced, water-cooling component manufacturer started to think about production of a new full-cover waterblock. However, if you take a closer look at GTX 570 you can see it has absolutely same PCB as GTX 580 with all design improvements inherited. Even the lengths of the cards are identical.

The only PCB differences is the absence of two memory chips in GTX 570 design as well as some power circuitry was cut. But that does not effect the possibility to use GTX 580 waterblock on a GTX 570 card. It is, however, true for reference design cards only!

German manufacturer, Aquacomputer, has confirmed this fact by showing the results of Aquacomputer Aquagrafx GTX 580 full-cover waterblock performance on GeForce GTX 570 graphic card. The block fits the card perfectly.

Aquagrafx GTX 580 on GeForce GTX 570 card
The card had been overclocked and was tested for temperatures by applying load using Furmark.

GTX 570 teste with Furmark
As usual, excellent result! The only disadvantage this approach has, the block states “GTX 580” instead of “GTX 570” which some users may find being inconsistent.

P.S. Shortly after, the same fact was confirmed by other waterblock manufacturers.


# Avatar Adrian,

Can a 570 waterblock or 580 in actual fact (for the purpose of this demo) fit on any Nvidia GTX 570, regardless of manufacturer?

I want to purchase a Gigabytle GTX 570 and water cool it. My system is watercooled second hand and this will be an upgrade card (potentially)

# Avatar hw-lab team,

WC component manufacturers produce fullcover waterblocks mostly for reference design cards, with few exceptions to particular models. Commonly card manufacturer build reference design cards too but sometime they use custom design boards. So before you purchase a card you want to watercool, make sure it is of reference design. To identify it, just look for “nVidia” mark on card PCB right above PCI-Express x16 connector of the card.(like here)

In addition, you should know that Nvidia has released second revision of GTX 570 board and several WC component manufacturers, like Aquacomuter, reacted by presenting a separate cooling solution for second revision GTX 570 board. This should be determined by card marking and visual inspection of the board.(note: GTX 580 waterblocks are not compatible with second revision GTX 570 cards)

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