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Gigabyte gaming series motherboards

Gigabyte has decided to follow the trend to produce a separate line-up of motherboards specifically for gamers.

Well-known motherboard manufacturer, Gigabyte inc., has decided to follow the trend to produce a separate line-up of motherboards specifically for gamers. The presentation of the new series began with showing and G1-Killer logo. That’s right, the new Gigabyte gaming series motherboards will have G1-Killer naming (Note: reminds us of ROG segment of ASUS motherboard).

Apparently, the release of G1-Killer motherboards are timed to introduction of Sandy Bridge processors, i.e. the first will supprot LGA 1155 Socket as well as the 6th generation of system logic (P67). Again, both are to be firstly displayed to public at CES 2011 exhibition. Moreover, they say the price of G1-Killer boards will start from $299, which is not a surprise, since enthusiast products, especially for gamers, have always been a bit overpriced. In addition, we heard that Gigabyte readies a new High-end motherboard GA-P67A-UD9, faster and more powerful than GA-P67A-UD7. The novelty will be based on Intel P67 chipset and will support Sandy Bridge processors too.

While there are several weeks left before the actual CES 2011 start, Gigabyte continues to keep us in suspense of game motherboard “G1-Killer” brand by exposing little details of a new X58 model.

G1-Killer poster
First of all, a G1-Killer poster, showing a human scull full of flames, wearing a red beret and an army knife in his mouth, while jungle-looking background is riddled with bullets.

G1-Killer X58 mobo sneak peak
Next is a sneak peak at the motherboard itself. Massive South bridge heatsink has a clip shape with a golden bullet sticking out. Most likely, the heatsink also covers NVIDIA NF200 bridge chip. The board uses black/light green theme. We can notice at least three light green PCI-E x16 slots to support multy-graphics card installation followed by six DDR3 memory slots half of which are also light green. The board will have six SATA 3Gbps and two SATA 6Gbps connectors. Bullet riddled background makes the the teaser pic to look more aggressively.

Overall, Gigabyte is surely looking into combat style for the G1-Killer brand.

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