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Gigabyte Geforce GTX 570 pictured

Gigabyte is ready to show its variant of Geforce GTX 570 graphic card

It is less than 20 hours left before the official launch of NVIDIA’s second graphics card in 500 line-up — GeForce GTX 570. Meantime Gigabyte is ready to show its variant of a novelty card. Here is a picture of the product with its main features and specification.

Gigagbyte GeForce GTX 570
As we see, the clocks haven’t changed from those in our previous article and Gigabyte card runs at stock clocks and has reference design cooling system which is, by the way, also uses vapor chamber. In addition, the pic includes the results of 3DMark Vantage runs with Extreme and Performance settings. If those are true then, GeForce GTX 570 outruns GTX 480 by proximately 25% in Performance mode and by almost 20% in Extreme mode. Considering the estimated price of of around $400 USD this should be a great alternative for GTX 480 as well as ATI HD 5870.

Most likely there will be other versions of the GeForce GTX 570 from Gigabyte with its own design cooing system as well as higher clocks.

Source: XFastest

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