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GIGABYTE overclocks HD 6970 to 920 MHz

Gigagyte is proud to present its second factory graphic card based on AMD Radeon HD 6970 GPU.

Gigagyte is proud to present its second factory graphic clocked card based on AMD Radeon HD 6970 GPU. The novelty, listed as GV-R697OC2-2GD, takes one step higher than GV-R697OC-2GD announced a month ago.

Ultra Durable VGA+ technologies and components provide extra stability to the card, while high-quality WindForce 3X cooler — three PWM controller fans, three copper heatpipes, aluminum heatsink and a vapor chamber — keep it low on operating temperatures.

GPU GV-R697OC2-2GD GPU is clocked at 920 MHz, which is 40MHz higher than reference HD 6970 has, on the other hand, GDDR5 clock rates memory buffer size has not changed — 5500 MHz and 2 Gb. Memory bus width — 256-bit. The card features four display outputs: two DVI, one HDMI and one DisplayPort.

GV-R697OC2-2GD dimensions are, as follows: 290 х 126 х 38 mm. The price and availability of novelty is not disclosed.


# Avatar Gary Bertsch,

The GV-R697OC2-2GD card seems to be affected by having the heatsink fall off! It’s not only not sold anyware at this point (NewEgg for example doesn’t even list it), but I’ve personally had the solder joints crack off on the card.

Given that the only thing holind the massive heat sink on the card is the bracket around the GPU, this is not really much of a suprise.

…and when the heat sink falls off, the card burns up.

# Avatar hw-lab team,

Thanks for the tip!

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