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GIGABYTE SOC card crowns overclocking record pedestal

GIGABYTE GeForce™ GTX 580 SOC is the number one in 3DMark11 benchmarks

GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is pleased to announce a world record of single GPU 10458 3DMark11 score with GIGABYTE’s GTX 580 SOC (GV-N580SO-15I) graphics cards in graphics card overclocking records. Currently, the number one GTX 580 world record of single GPU in 3DMark11 is created with GIGABYTE’s very own Super Overclock Series GTX 580 SOC. GIGABYTE also congratulates overclocker Elmor for his outstanding scores.

GIGABYTE GTX 580 SOC (GV-N580SO-15I) — The world record breaker

Best Performance card in GTX 580 Series:

  • GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting
  • Ultra Durable VGA+ High Quality Components
  • WINDFORCE™ 3X cooling design
  • Dedicated Voltage Read Point Design
  • OC Guru – Graphics Card Smart Tuner
  • Extreme Dual BIOS Technology

For more details of GIGABYTE GV-N580SO-15I, read our news article.

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