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Gmail now includes several message display modes

Now users have ability to switch between ordinary Inbox and Priority inbox, and sort messages by importance, read status or tagged with stars.

Gmail, well-know mail service from search giant Google, has presented several new ways to display incoming mail list. Now users have ability to switch between ordinary Inbox and Priority inbox.

Unlike previous interface layout where Inbox and Priority inbox were located on the left of the mail list, new display modes are available as tabs on the top of the page.

Gmail message display tabs

Classic mode gives access to ordinary mail box with messages sorted by date. In Priority Inbox all important and unread mails are at the top of the list followed by starred messages and then the rest correspondence. Important first mode means all mail marked as important ones, does not matter if they were read or not, are displayed first. Unread first , as you might guessed, moves all unread messages to the top of the list and Starred first does the same to mails marked with star.

Gmail tabs menu

Users can choose the mode most suitable for their needs and several weeks later tabs will disappear. But if you won’t be satisfied with your choice, you can always access the tabs through the settings page.

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