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Google — top 500 brand in the World

Google grows as Coke goes flat and BP leaks brand value, according to the 2011 BrandFinance® Global 500

Although the top tier of the BrandFinance® Global 500 contains many household names brands that have existed for decades – IBM, Bank of America, HSBC – the world’s increasing dependence on the internet is reflected by Google’s position at no. 1. Five of the top ten largest growers are technology-related companies, reinforcing the commercial importance of embracing technological innovation to give a seamless, value-enhancing brand experience for customers and consumers.

‘Don’t be evil’ — Google’s dominance of the search engine sector means it tops the 2011 table. The company has repeatedly undertaken ventures that are comparatively un-commercial but have a positive impact on its brand rating (AAA+) which is the highest in the table. These actions include developing services help rescue efforts following the natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan and its growing not-for-profit arm.

Apple’s success continues as it moves up twelve places, supported by innovative design, a very loyal consumer base and well-executed marketing activities.

However, Coca Cola has dropped out of the top ten for the first time. This is underpinned by the consumer trend in developed markets to move towards healthier, non-carbonated drinks.

Walmart was one of the few brands to actually increase its brand value during the banking crisis due to its well defined, value-oriented proposition. Its value has dropped slightly but, due to its overall size, its marginal loss (12%) means it also becomes one of the largest losers for 2011.

BP suffered a torrid time in 2010 although, according to a Brand Finance study in August 2010, the brand value had dropped as low as $4.7bn. It has now rebounded to $8.8bn but is facing further problems relating to its partnership with Rosneft.

Source: Brand Finance

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