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HIS unleashes IceQ series 6970 cards

Press release: HIS 6970 IceQ Series is over 23°C cooler and much quieter than the Reference Cooler

Over the past few months, HIS 6000 IceQ X Series has granted stunning awards and become one of the Most Wanted graphics cards in the market. So what about its award-winning IceQ Series? Today HIS unveils its long awaited IceQ series – HIS 6970 IceQ Turbo & Standard 2GB GDDR5. Endorsed by the worldwide media, HIS award-winning IceQ technology is ready to take another step forward.

IceQ series 6970 card clock rates:

  • HIS 6970 IceQ — 880/5500MHz for GPU/Memory
  • HIS 6970 IceQ TURBO — 900/5600MHz for GPU/Memory

Equipped with Black Hole Impeller and 4 heatpipes, HIS 6970 IceQ Series effectively optimizes cooling performance by dissipating the heat from the core area, thus enabling it for high levels of gaming performance. In addition, it cools down the GPU temperature dramatically compared with the Reference Cooler, allowing you to maximize your over-clocking potential. What’s more? The professional fan shroud provides a high efficiency and low noise fan operation.

HIS 6970 IceQ Series key features and advantages:

  • IceQ Cooling Technology – HIS award-winning and performance leading air-cooling technology that can dramatically decrease the GPU temperature together with your PC components.
  • -23°C Cooler — HIS 6970 IceQ Series is over 23°C cooler than the Reference Cooler.
  • Quieter – HIS 6970 IceQ Series is quieter than the Reference Cooler, significantly reducing noise level.
  • 4 Heatpipes — Optimize cooling performance by removing heat from the core area, providing ultimate solution for professional gamers and HTCP users.
  • Black Hole Impeller — Cool air is drawn from both sides of the fan to thereby enhance the cooling efficiency


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