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Hybrid AMD Llano processors to have integrated GPU Radeon HD 6550

Hybrid AMD Llano CPUwill feature Radeon HD 6550 as Integrated Graphics Processor

Hybrid AMD Llano CPU, with its main rival in Intel Sandy Bridge processors Socket LGA 1155, will feature Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP), that is listed as Radeon HD 6550. GPU is an integral part of APU Llano. Close multi-level integration with other APU functional elements, including x86 compatible processor cores, will allow it to boost performance by combining CPU and GPU resources efficiently.

GPU AMD Radeon HD 6550 will be used in APU Fusion A8-3550 and A8-3550P products and will support DirectX 11 API (note: current Sandy Bridge IGP is only DirectX 10 compatible). AMD Radeon performance config consists of 400 Stream Processors and GPU clocked at 594 MHz. TDP level of Hybrid AMD Llano (including IGP) is expected no to go higher than 100W for A8-3550 and 65W for A8-3550P. It is stipulated to operate with system memory. Most likely, a support for AMD SidePort will be added.

One of the main advantages Radeon HD 6550 will have is it can freely work in tandem with AMD Radeon HD 6570 and HD 6670 discrete 3D-cards in Hybrid CrossFireX mode. In this case, the system will identify the whole graphics sub-system as Radeon HD 6690.

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