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Hynix to produce DDR4 memory

Today, another Korean memory producer has stated begin developing DDR4 memory

Despite huge popularity of DDR3 in desktop and mobile segments for past three years now, we are likely to hear Jedec approving basic standards for DDR4 memory in Q2 2011 that will become dominant by 2015.

Samsung has already announced the production start for DDR4 memory modules of UDIMM that are manufactures using 30nm process technology. Today, another Korean memory producer, Hynix, has stated to begin development of DDR4 memory of SO-DIMM type with ECC support. These are already used in server systems. Hynix plans mass supplies of corresponding products to begin in Q2 2012.

The company uses 30nm process technology for two gigabit dense DDR4 memory modules. 2GB DDR4-2400 memory requires only 1.2V to operate. The data is transferred via 64-bit interface as fast as 19.2 Gb/s.

Later, Hynix projects DDR4 memory for desktop systems as well tablet devices, since low-voltage coupled with high-performance is highly evaluated in any market segment.

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