Info on HD 6800 cards from MSI and ASUS

Today we will reveal some details on MSI and ASUS products.

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More information on AMD new generation graphic cards appear in Internet each day. We have already known some card specification and even seen pictures of real products. Moreover, e-shops are taking pre-orders for these products, which means the prices are set.
Today we will reveal some details on MSI and ASUS products.

Model MSI HD 6870 Asus EAH6850 Asus EAH6870
GPU Engine Specs:
Streaming processors 1120 960 1120
ROP 32 32 32
TMU 56 48 56
Core Clock (MHz) 900 790 915
Memory specs:
Memory clock (MHz) 1050 1000 no info
SDRAM type 1024 MB GDDR5 1024 MB GDDR5 1024 MB GDDR5
Memory Interface Width 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Feature Support:
CrossfireX Yes Yes Yes
AMD Eyefinity technology Yes Yes Yes
Shader Model 5.0 no info 5.0
Microsoft DirectX DirectX 11 DirectX 11 DirectX 11
OpenGL no info 4.0 no info
Bus Support PCIe 2.1 x16 PCIe 2.1 x16 PCIe 2.1 x16
3D Stereoscopic support Yes no info Yes
Display Support:
Maximum Digital Resolution 2560 x 1600
Maximum VGA Resolution 1920 x 1080
Standard Display Connectors 2x Dual Link DVI, 2x Mini DisplayPort, HDMI 2x Dual Link DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI 2x Dual Link DVI, 2x Mini DisplayPort, HDMI
Multi Monitor yes yes yes
HDCP yes yes yes
HDMI yes yes yes
Thermal and Power Specs:
Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) <150 >150 <150
Supplementary Power Connectors two 6-pin one 6-pin two 6-pin

From information we have got MSI Radeon HD 6870 based on Barts XT has is a reference design card which means the only difference is the sticker on the cooler housing.

MSI HD 6870

The cards is cooled via double-wide cooling fan. Card’s length is 25cm. The price is yet unknown.

Asus EAH6850 will get DirectCU-ed heatsink which should reduce temperatures by couple of degrees. It will have a non-reference deign PCB with high-quality components and two pci-e 6-pin connectors.

Asus HD 6850

Asus HD 6850 top viewAsus HD 6850 back view

The price of the cards is ~$220.

Asus EAH6870 is likely to also have a reference design board.However, the housing of the cooler is made of aluminum, which betters heat dissipation and lowers surface temperatures by 14C than reference boards with plastic covers. In addition, ASUS cards have support for exclusive Voltage tweaker to set voltages of the components in real time. This, as stated, can increase card’s performance by 50% compared with reference design cards. MSRP is $270.
Manufacturer provides a 3 year-warranty for its products.

Summing everything up, the closest price/performance rival HD 6800 cards is NVIDIA Geforce GTX460 cards. In fact, its GTX460 1Gb vs HD 6870 and GTX460 786Mb vs HD 6850. In HD 5870 vs HD 6870 battle the last one gets bitten, however, it does outperforms HD 5850 by some 5-10 percents.

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