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Intel 710 and 720 series SSD specs leaked

Lyndoville: 25nm, MLC NAND, SATA 3, speed rates 270MB/s and 210MB/s; Ramsdale: 34nm, SLC NAND, PCI Express, speed rates 2200MB/s and 1800MB/s

We have already mentioned about Intel’s intentions to present 700-series SSD this year, in fact there will be two products lines for corporate orders — 710 series and 720 series. Although there is some time left before official launch, ComputerBase has already got hold of technical detailed for both line-ups.

Intel 710-series (Lyndoville) SSDs are the first to be produced which should happen in July 2011. These drives will be made to 2.5 inch size and features MLC NAND flash memory fabricated within 25nm process technology. The devices will be equipped with 64MB of memory cache, while connectivity will be provided by SATA 3 interface. Intel 710-series will include three models with capacities, as follows: 100GB, 200GB, 300GB. Read and write speed rates will amount to 270MB/s and 210MB/s respectively. IOPS for 4Kb random read and writes is said to be 3600 and 2400 IOPS respectively. To make 710-series drives more consumer-attractive, Intel adds hardware encryption via AES algorithm with 128-key. MTBF should account to 2 million hours.

Intel 720-series (Ramsdale) products should appear a bit later — in Q3. It swill included two models of 200Gb and 400GB capacity. They will be based on SLC NAND flash memory made to 34nm tech logic, will have 512Kb of cache and supports for AES description with a 256-bit key. SSDs of this line-up will be connected troughs PCI Express, probably x8 mode. Performance numbers are 2200MB/s for read and 1800MB/s for write. As for random 4K block read and writes, it should be around 180 000 and 56 00 IOPS respectively.

Unfortunately, price date for Intel 710 and 720 series SSDs is not disclosed.

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