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Intel debuts 311 series SSD

NAND SLC 34nm Flash memory, capacity 20GB, 2.5″ and mSATA form factor. Main assignment for this line-up — use it as cache drive

Intel Corp. has released 311 series SSD, codename Larsen Greek, mainly targeted as a cache drive for use with traditional HDDs.

Intel 311 SSD uses NAND Single Level Cell (SLC) flash-memory made within 34nm process logic. The list of supported technologies include Intel Smart Response Technology and Native Command Queuing (NCQ). NCQ technology is used in storage drives (including traditional HDD) for quite a long time now, thus it allows Intel 311 SSD to execute up-to 32 ops simultaneously. Intel Smart Response Technology was presented together with the announcement of Intel PCH Z68 chipset. Its main job is to boost HDD performance by storing frequently requested data to SSD which works like a cache. As a enchanted precaution measure Intel 311 SSD features a unique wear-leveling algorithm for higher reliability and longevity.

SSD Intel 311 SSD specification

Currently the line-up is presented with 20 GB models in 2.5″ and mSATA from-factors.

SSD of mSATA form factor

The last is known to have the following dimensions: 29.85×50.8×3.5 mm, which makes it significantly more contact than traditional hard drives.

SSD of 2.5

Such small SSDs are to be installed into appropriate PCIe motherboard expansion slot:

mSATA on motherboard
mSATA on motherboard

Beside being small in size, mSATA has price advantage due to absence of drive case and low power consumption.

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