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Intel Core i7-2600K can run at 58x and 59x multiplier

Lower BCLK allows to set higher multiplier values for Core i7-2600K

So far, we thought that Core i7-2600K overclocking wall can be easily estimated as a product of max possible CPU multiplier and BCLK which in rare cases can reach a bit higher than just 100 MHz values. And don’t forget a handful of luck which is more important with these CPU than ever compared to other series.

According to hwbot statistics, the highest overclocking result for Sandy Bridge currently belongs to German enthusiast RoccoESA who managed to break 5800MHz limit with 54x multiplier and BCLK pushed to 107MHz. The CPU was cooled using Liquid Nitrogen.

But more interesting is the fact, that with BCKL set below 100Mhz Core i7-2600K can run at 58х and 59х multiplier values, although the max set value for current Sandy Bridge architecture is 57x.

As you see, even higher multiplier values compensated by lower BCLK numbers can’t set new records.

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