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Intel Ivy Bridge launch gets postponed

According to latest roadmap, Intel Ivy Bridge won’t be presented at CES exhibition in 2012

Though Intel intends to produce first 22nm processors this year, they are sure to be released much later than expected. If the following presentation slide published by the internet source is true, then we are not going to see Intel’s 22nm chips presented at CES exhibition next year but a bit later, at the turn of Q1 and Q2 2012.

At that time, Intel will debut products with Socket LGA 1155 compatible with motherboards based on 6-series chipsets (off course, after proper BIOS update). Also, we will see new motherboards, dedicated for Ivy Bridge platform, that are based on Intel’s Z77, Z75, H77, Q77, Q75 and B77 chipset.

On the other hand, Intel won’t sit on its hands. There will be other interesting products released, including Sandy Bridge series, before Ivy Bridge sees the light. For example, Sandy Bridge-E processors with Socket 2011 and Intel X79 Express chipset is expected to hit the market in Q4 2011.

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