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Intel officially updates CPU price list

Several new Pentium family model are presents as well as new Core i5 processors added

The start of sales for seven new Intel processors on Socket LGA 1155 indicated its inevitable presentation and corresponding changes were made in company’s official price list that became available today in the morning.

Core i5-2310 (2.9 GHz) processor has four cores and 6MB of L3 cache, does not support Hyper-Threading(HT) technology, but with the help of Turbo Boost the cores can operate at 3.2GHz. Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) features six Execution Units (EU) and clocked at 850MHz, but can be dynamically overclocked to 1100MHz. Processor TDP level does not exceed 95W. The price for Core i5-2310 is $177.

Next, Core i3-2105 (3.1GHz) is a dual-core model with 3MB of L3 cache supporting HT, but lacks possibility to dynamically change clock rates via Turbo Boost technology. IGP includes twelve EUs which makes it a bit different compared to its closed “relative” Core i3-2100. Graphics processor runs at 850MHz or 1100MHz depending on operation mode. Processor TDP level does not exceed 65 W. CPu wholesale price is $134.

Finlay, Core i5-2405S (2.5GHz) combines four cores with no HT support and TDP of 65W, which allows Intel to set the price of $205. The novelty is $10 more expensive than Core i5-2400S model that has similar specification besides the number of EU inside graphics processor. Core i5-2405S has twelve of them. Dynamic overclocking allows cores to increase its speed to 3.3GHz, while IGP core run at 850/1100MHz.

All of Pentium processors on Socket LGA 1155 are dual-core models with 3MB of level three cache without any support of HT and Turbo-Boost. Models with TDP of 65 W have graphics system clocked at 850/1100 MHz, while for Pentium G620T (2.2 GHz) with 35W TDP — 650/1100 MHz.

So now, anyone willing to get LGA 1155 processor, can do that for only $64. Other Intel CPU prices remained unchanged.

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