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Intel Sandy Bridge E roadmap leaked

Dated mid-March, the roadmap brings new details on Sandy Bridge-E (LGA-2011 Socket) processors that are planed to be introduced in Q4 2011

A new Intel roadmap has recently appeared online. Dated mid-March, it brings new details on Sandy Bridge-E (LGA-2011 Socket) processors that are planed to be introduced in Q4 2011. Sandy Bridge-E (a.k.a SNB-E) models are positioned as extreme performance processors, however, there will be models in Premium Performance P1 and P2 ranges, which is currently headed by Core i7-2600 models. Good news is that there will be $999 priced SNB-E !

Regarding today’s extreme platform based on LGA 1366 Socket and X58 chipset, a new hex-core processor, Intel Core i7-990X, that has been released lately to replace 970X and 980X model will soon gets replaced too, by Core i7-995X, which will take place in Q3 2011. During third quarter Intel will release a faster versions of Core i7 and Core i5 on LGA 1155 Socket while more technological advanced Ivy Bridge line-up, which is supported by existing LGA 1155 motherboards, is still scheduled to H1 of 2012. Note that there is no info on the LGA 1356 platform!

In the second slide, Intel gives some technical details on the LGA 2011 platform features. Despite the lack of Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP), this platform brings integrated 4-channel DDR3 controller and full support for dual PCI-Express x16 graphics. The cache is advertised as being more important compared to LGA 1155 platform, however, at this point, Intel does specify whether this is true for original six-core CPU, but stating an “upgrade path” which can also mean that there will be a cheaper quad core versions with some performance unlock options like here. On the other hand, what happened to the eight-core version?

As for G-series models, launching of Sandy Bridge based Pentium G850, G840 and G620 is still set for the Q2 2011. They will be followed by Celeron G540, G530 and G440 presented in the following quarter. Intel Core-i3 line up should be extended with i3-2105 processor in few weeks, it will carry an IGP HD 3000 instead of the HD 2000. Later, in Q3 2011, Core and Pentium series processors with LGA 1155 Socket will see more faster CPUs.

Source: Computer Base

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