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Intel Sandy Bridge. Expansion

Were are waiting for another update form Intel which will take place in 2011 — Sandy Bridge processors. The first encounter — expansion.

In addition, a number of key changes in the micro-architecture, new AVX technology, Turbo Boost 2.0 — give full right for Sandy Bridge to be called 2nd generation of Core processors. There will be several articles dedicated to these processors, meanwhile here is the first encounter — expansion.

Sandy Bridge based systems with LGA 1155 socket are not meant to compete with high-end solutions, like 6-core Intel Gulftown processors, but will be positioned in the segment below. We tried to picture Intel plans for the next year regarding new Desktop processor in the following table:

32nm Gulftoun
45nm Bloomfield
32nm Sandy Bridge
45nm Lynnfield
32 nm Clarkdale
45nm Pentium
45nm Celeron
45nm Pineview
Q3 2010Q4 2010Q1 2011Q2 2011Q3 2011
Extremei7 980xi7 980xi7 990xi7 990xi7 990x
i7 970i7 970i7 970i7 970i7 970
i7 960i7 960i7 960i7 960i7 960
i7 880i7 880i7 880i7 880i7 880
Performancei7 950i7 950i7 2600Ki7 2600Ki7 2600K
i7 875Ki7 875Ki7 2600i7 2600i7 2600
i7 870i7 870
i5 680i5 680
i5 670i5 670
Mainstreami5 760i5 760i5 2500Ki5 2500Ki5 2500K
i5 655Ki5 665K
i5 661i5 661i5 2500i5 2500i5 2500
i5 660i5 660
i5 650i5 650i5 2400i5 2400i5 2400
Transactionali3 560i3 560i3 2120i3 2120i3 2120
i3 550i3 550i3 2100i3 2100i3 2100
i3 540
LegacyG6950G6950G6950Sandy BridgeSandy Bridge
E6600E6700E6700Sandy BridgeSandy Bridge
E5500E5700E5700Sandy BridgeSandy Bridge
ValueE3400E3500E3500E3500Sandy Bridge
E3300E3400E3400E3400Sandy Bridge

In the second half of the year 2011 Nehalem processors with its Socket 1336 will be replaced with 6-core (or even more core-d) Sandy Bridge products with LGA-2011 Socket and Quad-channel memory controller. First Sandy Bridge processors on LGA 1155 Socket with dual-channel memory controller will start selling from 9th of January 2011. They are the one to discussed first.

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