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Intel Sandy Bridge. Expansion

Were are waiting for another update form Intel which will take place in 2011 — Sandy Bridge processors. The first encounter — expansion.

So, beginning from 2011 Sandy Bring processors will meet the market. Numerical designation of new processors will start with figure TWO, which will indicate that processor belongs to 2nd generation of Core family :

Intel Sandy Bridge

The last index indicates the model having enhanced performance or decreased power consumption:

Differences from the base model
Khas unlocked multiplier
Shas lower CPU clocks and TDP level, Turbo Mode clocks are not effected. Integrated GPU clocks in Turbo Mode are decreased
Tboth CPU and integrated GPU have reduced clock. TDP level decreased
Desktop Sandy Bridge processors
ClockL3 cacheCore / threadTurboInt. GPU clokc/in Turbo modeUnlocked multiplierTDPSuggested price
i7-2600K3.4GHz8Mb4 / 83.8GHz850 / 1350 MHzYes95W$562
i7-26003.4GHz8Mb4/83.8GHz850 / 1350 MHz95W$342
i7-2600S2.8GHz8Mb4 / 83.8GHz850 / 1100 MHz65W$210
i5 2500K3.3GHz6Mb4 / 43.7GHz850 / 1100 MHzYes95W
i5-25003.3GHz6Mb4 / 43.7GHz850 / 1100 MHz95W$205
i5-2500S3.3GHz6Mb4 / 43.7GHz850 / 1100 MHz65W
i5-2500T2.3GHz6Mb4 / 43.3GHz650 /1250 MHz45W
i5-24003.1GHz6Mb4 / 43.4GHz850 / 1100 MHz95W
i5-2400S2.5GHz6Mb4 / 43.3GHz850 / 1100 MHz65W
i5-2390T2.7GHz3Mb2 / 43.5GHz650 / 1100 MHz35W
i3-21203.3GHz3Mb2 / 4N/A850 / 1100 MHz65W
i3-21003.1GHz3Mb2 / 4N/A850 / 1100 MHz65W$138
i3-2100T2.5GHz3Mb2 / 4N/A650 / 1100 MHz35W

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