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Intel updates chipset roadmap

Seven new chipset pictured on Intel’s latest chipset roadmap

Same source we heard news on Sandy Bridge-E (SB-E) processor specs from today has also shared an updated Intel chipset roadmap. This creates some interest due to seven new chipset models (six for Ivy Bridge and one for SB-E) were mentioned.

Intel Consumer Desktop Platform Roadmap

The only SB-E chipset pictured on that roadmap is Intel X79 Express. It will be launched together with first LGA 2011 CPUs in Q4 2011. Recent leaks say it will supports ten SATA 3 ports and DMI 2.0 interface.

Intel Desktop Chipset: Roadmap Consumer Platforms

Users willing to have Ivy Bridge based system will have a choice between motherboards based on Z77, Z75 or H77 chipsets. First two will replace Z68 and P67, while H77 will take H67 place targeted to masses. Regarding Business segment, we can expect the arrival of Q77, Q75 and B75 chipsets instead of current Q67, Q65 and B65 products.

Interesting is that there is no replacement for cheap H61 chipset, however, bearing in mind cross compatibility between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge motherboards, there should not be any problems using new CPU on older chipset.

Unfortunately no exact information on release time is available at the moment, so just stick with the roadmap for now. According to it, the X79 chipset should see the light in Q4 2011 while Ivy Bridge chipset will debut in 1H 2012. On the other hand, sources claim, that Intel has pushed the launch of Z68 chipset by couple of days for reasons unknown. Currently, the most anticipated Sandy Bridge chipset, combining functionality of both P67 and H67 chips, is set to roll out on 11th of May instead of earlier announced date.

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