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Intel Z68 and Larsen Creek SSD debut simultaneously

Intel Larsen Creek SSD is mainly targeted at SSD caching feature used in Z68 Express chipset based motherboards

As we know, Intel Z68 chipset will feature SSD caching feature, a.k.a. Smart Response Technology, that should increase overall storage performance with HDDs and SSDs (at least one of each) installed inside PC. Regarding the last one, Intel plans to use 311 series SSDs, codename Larsen Creek.

Larsen Creek drives are designed specifically for the feature mentioned above — SSD capacity, about 20 GB, will not set high prices for the product, on the other hand, that capacity should be enough to store frequently used files. Of course, besides Larsen, you can use other SSDs with Z68 based motherboards.

According to ASrock Presentation slide devoted to Z68 chipset boards, combination of Larsen Creek SSD and 1TB HDD (Western Digital) results in PCMark 05 HDD score growth by 355.5% compared to a single HDD. Smart Response Technology reduces system Boot time by 19.4%. Other benchmark should follow on 11th of May, when Larsen Creek is officially presented as well as Z68 Express chipset

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