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Koolance intros dual 5.25-inch dual-DDC reservoir

Following the design on earlier announced RP-450X2 reservoir for dual D5 pumps, today Koolance presented a new reservoir for dual DDC pumps

Following the design on earlier announced RP-450X2 reservoir for dual D5 pumps, today Koolance presented a new reservoir -RP-402X2 of similar outlook but different inner structure and dedicated for dual DDC pumps.

With this reservoir one can easily combine Koolance’s compact high pressure pumps* into dual or serial/redundant loops! RP-402X2 is a dual 5.25″ bay reservoir designed for one or two Koolance PMP-400* pumps (not included). Using a convenient side plug, the front reservoirs can be separated or combined without disassembling the unit. Both front and top fill ports are available for each reservoir.

Key differences of RP-402X2 vs. RP-450X2:

  • DDC pumps are used instead of the D5.
  • The two reservoirs in front can be left completely separated or combined into one tank. This allows either dual/parallel or serial REDUNDANT loops.
  • Added a side plug that allows the reservoirs to be combined or separated without disassembling the unit.
  • Front (black) fill ports! There’s still top fill ports for each reservoir as well.
  • Lots of distance between rear nozzle sockets for better support of 3rd-party fittings.
  • To assist with loop-backs on the rear of the product, there will be some new sliding 180º connection nozzles released soon.

Machined from a solid piece of acetal for maximum reliability, the RP-402X2 has a thick acrylic window and front aluminum bezel. Two sets of G 1/4 BSP threaded inlet and outlets appear on the back, designated “P1” and “P2” for each pump. If one pump is used, an acetal blocker is included to occupy the second pump location. nickel-plated brass fittings and EPDM o-rings

There are four pre-drilled holes for optional 3mm LEDs around the acrylic window. CD bay mounting screws and pump attachment hardware are included.

This shows the side plug extending into both reservoirs to keep them separate. Another plug is included with the unit that just caps the outside, which combines them. This piece is larger than G 1/4 to keep the joining path as wide as possible.

Tech details:

  • Capacity per reservoir = approx. 5.3 fl oz (158ml).
  • Weight without pumps = 3.1 lbs (1.4kg).
  • Total dimensions = 5.8″ (14.8cm) W x 5.0″ (12.6cm) L x 3.3″ (8.5cm) H.

The MSRP is $119.99

There is separate silver aluminum front faceplate (including mounting screws) available for the RP-402X2.

The MSRP is $11.49

* — Koolance branded pump housing has no mounting feet. Therefore, for mcp355/350 or original DDC 3.25/3.20/3.1 pumps to be used with RP-402X2, make sure to saw/file off mounting feet before installation.


Source: Koolance

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