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Koolance VID-NX580 waterblock

Koolance has recently showed its version of waterblock for GeForce GTX 580 graphic cards.

Koolance has recently showed its version of waterblock for GeForce GTX 580 graphic cards. A full-cover block as usual is made from nickel plated copper providing great cooling performance and anti-corrosive features.

Koolance VID-NX580
The Koolance VID-NX580 is the latest generation of graphics card cooler and is compatible with the GTX 580 graphics cards. Unlike VID-NX480, thic cards does not have acrylic parts. Instead acetal material is used for the cover with a Koolance logo engraved on it.

Koolance VID-NX580 contact surface
The contact surface as well as the rest of the block is polished to a mirror finish. The block covers not only GPU and memory chips but also the sensitive VRM modules creating a combined GPU/vRAM/VRM water cooling solution for reference design! GeForce GTX 580 graphic card.

Koolance VID-NX580 inside structure
The inside of VID-NX580 is similar to VID-NX480 with same micro-fin cooling structure located against the GPU area.

Koolance VID-NX580 cover
As we said the cover is from black acetal now. There is a steel plate on top of the cover with VID-NX580 engraving.

The block is SLI compatible. Two G1/4 threaded in/out ports allows fitting connection from both the under- and topside. Fitting are not included. As for test result, Koolance said the following:

We prefer to let 3rd-party reviewers post temps rather than releasing our own. There’s less suspicion going around that way. And if a manufacturer does post numbers, it wouldn’t be comparable to another block unless tested on the same bench.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Copper, Nickel Plating, Acetal
  • Thread size: G1/4
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.25″ x 5.75″ x 0.62″ (15.9cm x 14.6cm x 1.6cm)
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds (680g)

Package content:

  • Koolance VID-NX580 (GTX580) full waterblock
  • Thermal pads
  • Thermal compound
  • Mounting screws and washers
  • Installation guide

MSRP is $119.99 USD.

Source: Koolance

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