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Lamptron FC5v2 fan controller review

Powerful outputs will allow you to not only take controls over more than one fan per channels, but also can easily handle popular models of Water cooling pumps while precise display with ability to select display info color makes Lamptron FC5v2 easy to fit perfectly almost any system


Lamptron company is one of the leading computer parts manufactures that specializes on production on High-End accessories using the latests technological achievements. This provide the interaction between the user and PC to the next level. In general production feature patented technologies, innovation and ergonomic design. Lamptron products can be split into three categories by type of people tey are dedicated to:

  • for gamers
  • for silent freaks
  • for modders

We have received a sample what we think is of second category, particularly, Lamptron FC5v2 fan controller, that was kindly provided by the manufacturer. This device takes 5.25″ bay space, and gives you several power fan control channels for smooth and precise speed adjustment in return.

Lamptron FC5v2 — package

The controller is packed in the box of black cardboard, making it safe to transport. The top and bottom of the box grabs user’s attention by showing the whole variety of backlight colors FC5v2 can offer. The other sides include technical specification and a list of accessories that come together with the device as well as some of its distinctive features.


  • Dimmension: 148.5mm х 42.5mm х 77mm (5.25″ bay)
  • Power: 30 W per channel
  • Front panel: Black/silver aluminum
  • Input voltage: +12 V(one 4-pin Molex connector)
  • Output voltage: 0-12 V
  • Backlight colors: Red, Yellow, Gren, Cyan, Blue, Purple, White
  • Control channels: 4

Lamptron FC5v2 — package content

The list of supplied accessories for Lamptron FC5v2 is quite significant.

  • 4х temperature probes (72.5cm)
  • 4х fan power extension cables (52.4cm)
  • 1х controller power extension cable (19.5cm)
  • 1х jumper
  • 4х black mounting screws
  • 1х manual

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