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Lamptron prepares FC9 fan controller

50W per channel, 4 adjustable channels, throttle control operation, seven way adjustable colors

Lamptron company, famous for its powerful fan controllers, continues the trend to increase watt available per channel in its upcoming product. We are talking about FC9 fan controller.

Lamptron FC9

The first thing you notice is that there is no control knobs typical for most manually controlled rheobuses. Instead, Lamptron will implements sliders for smooth throttling control over 4 channels. Next is the power issue. Each channel is capable of handling 50 Watts and those are not just words but truth, as numerous reviews of previous Lamptron controller models show it can stand even higher power consumption than the one rated. And of course, up to 7 different LED light colors to chose from.

Lamptron FC9


  • Dimension: 148.5 x 42.5 x 75mm
  • Power output: 50W per channel
  • DC input: +12V (standard 4-pin connector)
  • DC output: 0-12V DC
  • Control channels: 4
  • LED color available: White, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Purple, Yellow
  • Face plate color available: Black anodized / Silver aluminum
  • Recommended PSU wattage: 600W and higher

The controller should hit retails within next 3 months. There will be two colors available: Black anodized and Silver aluminum. The price data is not available for now.

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