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Leadtek launches WinFast GTX 560 graphics cards

Press release: WinFast GTX 560 assures system is assured even working in O.C state.

At the advent of Computex 2011, world-leading gaming graphics card manufacturer Leadtek Research Inc launches the overclocking version of the medium-high level graphics card WinFast® GTX 560 GDDR5. It is equipped with the world’s fastest gaming graphic chipset GeForce® 114 from NVIDIA®, with full support for Microsoft DirectX® 11. In thermal solution, in addition to the dual 7cm fan design, three 7mm copper heat-pipes are equipped behind the GeForce® 114 chipset, which can reduce temperature more effectively than the standard version containing only two 6mm copper heat-pipes from the chipset manufacturer. Even at an ambient temperature of 45°C, the efficient and effective thermal solution of WinFast® GTX 560 can always maintain the GPU at about 80°C. That is to say, system stability is assured even working in O.C state.

Continuing the high C/P value, low power consumption and low-noise traditions of the GeForce 5 Series, the WinFast GTX 560 O.C contains 336 cores and is equipped with 1GB of GDDR5 RAM running at 256 bits to boost interface bandwidth for an O.C frequency 5% higher than the original manufacturer’s design. Leadtek also launches the WinFast GTX 560 STD (equipped with single fan, two 8mm copper heat-pipes and largest-area heat-sink). The core clock of the O.C and STD versions is 850MHz and 810 MHz respectively, the memory clock is 2004MHz, and the power consumption of both versions is only 150W.

With full compatibility and support for Microsoft Windows 7, the Tessellation commands Microsoft DirectX® 11, and the latest GPU computing application interface DirectCompute 5.0, the WinFast GTX 560 O.C presents far better performance than competitors in DX 11 Tessellation tests and excellent visual effect in the latest DirectX 11 games, such as Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.® 2 and Civilization V. More, the WinFast GTX 560 O.C is equipped with the PhysX® engine, 2-way SLI technology, 3D Vision and PureVideo™ HD technologies from NVIDIA to provide unbelievable geometry processing power to support all kinds of API features and advanced computer and TV games for power users to enjoy the elaborate details of the game scenes and characters beyond their imaginations. With the CUDA technology, the WinFast GTX 560 O.C delivers a sampling rate up to 32 times with neither distortion nor aliasing for power gamers to experience the marvelous special effects and sensational 3D VR display of games. Also, the acceleration power of the NVIDIA Fermi GPU delivers flash-like quick movie and image processing power.

In terms of output, the WinFast GTX 560 O.C is equipped with dual DVI-I connectors and one native mini-HDMI port. The brand new design for outputting 7.1 channel LPCM audio signals via PCI-Express on the WinFast GTX 560 O.C allows users to enjoy the latest uncompressed surround audio effect when playing games or watching movies without using any SPDIF cable.

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