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LEPA extends flagship G series with four new models

Press-release: New Gold Rush Era for Hardware Enthusiasts

LEPA G series PSUWith the launch of the G1600 three months ago, LEPA has made history in power supply industry. Still, no other manufacturer is able to integrate 1700W of power in a compact-sized housing. LEPA now extends its flagship series with four new models: G650-MAS, G750-MAS, G850-MAS and G1000-MA. All power supplies are 80 PLUS® Gold certified and achieve a fabulous efficiency of up to 93 per cent. Furthermore, the G series complies with the latest EU standard ErP Lot 6 2013 to regulate the standby power consumption of computers. According to this, the system shall not draw more than 0.5W in standby mode. Only with ErP Lot 6 2013 ready mainboards and power supplies, it is possible to keep the standby power consumption below the EU limit.

Silent Cooling and Maximum 12V Power

The G series PSUs come with a thermal controlled 135mm or 140mm fan that allows for an effective and silent cooling. Apart from that, LEPA relies on a semi-passive cooling solution*. Only after reaching a certain temperature or at a certain load, the fan starts to run. Below this temperature resp. load, the power supply is cooled passively. The massive 12V rails can deliver more than 99 per cent of the PSU total power and therefore support the strongest GPU and CPU. All G series models provide a modular cable management with a variety of connectors and flexible flat cables* to unease the cable routing inside the case.

* only G650-MAS, G750-MAS and G850-MAS

Best Choice for Multi-GPU Systems

The LEPA G series is dedicated to passionate gamers, users of multi-GPU systems, powerful workstations as well as small servers. With up to six 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connectors, the PSUs can easily power configurations with multiple graphics cards. They further comply with the latest standard for server PSU, EPS12V 2.92. Innovative technologies like the Double Forward Circuit Design, a DC-to-DC converter as well as the high-efficient LLC Resonant Converter Topology of the G1000-MA ensure most stable system operation and minimize energy losses. LEPA has applied high-quality and durable components and equipped the PSU with an advanced safety circuit that protects the system in case of malfunctions.

The four new G series models are now available. MSRP incl. VAT: 99.90 Euro for the G650-MAS, 114.90 Euro for the G750-MAS, 129.90 Euro for the G850-MAS and 199.90 Euro for the G1000-MA.

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