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LEPA presents the new B series power supplies

Press-release: Power Play – High-Quality PSU for Gaming Systems

LEPA B series power suppliesAfter the successful launch of the first B series generation in the beginning of 2011, LEPA now reveals the second generation: The new B series includes non-modular as well as modular power supplies. Three models are already available: the non-modular B650-SA, the semi-modular B700-MAS and B800-MAS. All three are 80 PLUS Bronze certified and reach a peak efficiency of up to 88%. The 700W and 800W versions further support the latest EU norm ErP Lot 6 2013, regulating the system’s standby power consumption. The complete PC should not exceed 0.5W.* ErP Lot 6 2013 is tightening the previous regulation ErP Lot 6 2010, that sets a limit of 1W power consumption in standby mode.

* This value can be reached only with ErP Lot 6 2013 mainboards and power supplies.

Massive Power & Effective Cooling System

The power supplies are equipped with a thermal-controlled 12cm or 14cm fan that ensures an effective and silent cooling. One massive 12V rail delivers up to 99% of the total power of the PSU in order to support high-performance CPU and graphics cards. LEPA relies on high-quality and durable components and provides an advanced protection circuit to safeguard the system from damages in case of defects.

B700/B800: Most Flexible Modular Cable Management

The B series is dedicated to gamers, users of multi-GPU systems, powerful workstations and small servers. Therefore, the B700 and B800 support also the latest standard for server PSU EPS12V 2.92. Both models are equipped with a flexible modular cable management and a variety of different connectors to support latest high-performance hardware components. Decent black and flat modular PCI-E, SATA and Molex cables simplify the installation and the cable routing inside the case.

The B650-SA, the B700-MAS and B800-MAS are now available. MSRP incl. VAT: 69.90 Euro for the 650W model, 89.90 Euro for the B700-MAS and 99.90 Euro for the LEPA B800. Lower-wattage, non-modular models with 450 and 550W will follow in coming months. More technical information and product photos you can find here.

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