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“LIano” APU is shipping

AMD launches the “Llano” APU later this quarter

Yes, that is about as unoriginal of a title as you will see (other options were “Ship, Ship Hurray!” or “The Ship felt Around the World”) but truth of the matter is that after more than 15 years of writing press releases, Phil Hughes, Senior PR Manager at AMD, still hates spinning his wheels on catchy headlines.

Today’s news is strong enough on its own that simple works in this case. The product itself is the headline: Production units of AMD’s 32 nanometer quad-core “Llano” A-Series Accelerated Processor Units (APU) with discrete-level graphics are now shipping.

When AMD says we are shipping production units of any part for the first time, the next question Phil inevitably gets asked is how does AMD define “production”? Fortunately, much like the title of this blog, the answer is simple. When the talk is about production here at AMD, it refers to the units that will ultimately be in the systems that our OEM partners will ship to retailers or end-customers.

Now of course, Phil can’t speak for exactly when each of AMD OEM partners will ship systems, that’s a question for them, but as Chief Financial Officer and Interim CEO Thomas Seifert mentioned on his Webcast today:

Customers are very excited about Llano coming to market and we will look forward to seeing our “Llano”-based systems in the market this quarter — the second quarter.

More information about systems based on AMD A-Series APUs will be available when AMD launches the “Llano” APU later this quarter. However if you want a sneak peak of the brilliant HD graphics, power efficiency and supercomputing power “Llano” is expected to deliver, take a look at this video.

Let’s not forget that there are plenty of great notebooks and All-In-One desktops based on C- and E-series AMD Fusion APUs available today from OEM partners.

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