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Liquidcooling ATI HD 4770 and ATI HD 5770 with Swiftech MCW60

Installing Swiftech MCW60 on ATI HD 4770 and ATI HD 5770 using custom made mounts

First thing after finished installation I wanted to check temperature level under load:

HD 4770 с MCW60 — OCCT testing

If you ask me, that is a wonderful result — the temperatures delight my eye.


After regular WC setup repairs one of the screw broke down:

Broken screw

Thin walls of screw simply rusted from tips of water.

I could replace this screw with the spare one that came with the kit, but, to my mind, it was too risky — lucky this accident didn’t happened when the system was operating.

After I gave thought to this matter, I decided to use follow one of forum comrade advice on installing MCW60 on ATI HD 4870×2 card. The original mounting screws were then put aside. There is a G80 mounting kit inside each box of MCW60 waterblock. Found that bag with G80 Adapter Kit:

G80 Adapter Kit

Took out 4 screws with nuts and springs. Had to isolate G80 screws so that they won’t damage waterblock thread, then tightened waterblock with nuts. Don’t forget to add spacers between the block and nuts. I used 1/8″ heat shrink for screw isolation:

Waterblock tightened with G80 screws

After all nuts were successfully secured on screws it is time to set the waterblock on VGA. Add nylon spacer between nuts and board. There are several reasons for that. Firs of all, gentle spacer material won’t damage the board. Secondly, this risers can be used to set the right height so as not to warp the waterblock. This is very important moment in block mounting — a slight warp can cause damage to the GPU, be very careful with that. While choosing the appropriate height, be sure to keep waterblock from being higher than the GPU by one spacer. Here is how my setup looks:

MCW60 with custom mounting kit

Use nuts from G80 mounting kit to firmly tighten the block on the back side of the board. Don’t forget to add springs from G80 kit, but as for me personally , I prefer stiff mounting:

Mounting MCW60 using custom mounting kit

That is it — the card is ready to be mounted inside the case. Just add rads for memory chips and power element cooling.

This MCW60 mounting technique using custom made mounting kit is good to go with ATI HD 5770 cards too.

Happy overclocking and low hardware temperatures!

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