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Lots of details on Sandy Bridge-E processors

Intel slides reveal specs and features of upcoming Sandy Bringe — E processors

The closer we get to announcement date of Sandy Bridge-E (SB-E), the more information we gather about it. Follow the fresh roadmap from Intel we get a clear picture of specs for several SB-E processors of High-end and Mid-end segments. Note that the naming of these models is not disclosed.

Intel Enthusiast Platform Roadmap

The King of the Hills in SB-E line-up will arrive in Q4 2011 featuring six cores each operating at 3.3 GHz and 15MB of L3 cache. Next to him, in Premium Performance segment, another hex-core CPU with 12MB of cache and clocked 3.2GHz. The last, but hopefully no least, is Quad-core model running at 3.6GHz and equipped with 10 MB of L3 cache. The pricing is expected to be like this:

  • Top model: Six-core, 3.3GHz 15MB cache — $1000
  • Middle model: Six-core, 3.2GHz 12MB cache — $600
  • Low model: Quad-core, 3.6GHz 10MB cache — $300

As you might notice, amount of L3 cache effects price too. Another thing to note is that first two models are marked as “Fully unlocked” which makes them more attractive for overclocking. However, the third model is only “Limited Unlocked”. It appears that either CPU multiplier or BCLK can be locked for that model.

Just to remind you, SB-E processors will have Socket LGA 2011, quad-channel integrated memory controller and PCI-Express controller featuring up-to 40 lanes. Same time new CPU presented, Intel debuts X79 Express chipset that will provide ten SATA 3 ports and DMI 2.0 interface.

Yet another peculiarity about Intel Sandy Bridge-E processors has been spotted by Bright Side Of News source. According to one of the slides from recently held IDF 2011 session in Beijing Intel considers the possibility to supply Sandy Bridge-E CPUs with liquidcooling systems.

Intel Enthusiast Platform Roadmap

Intel specified Corsair H50 cooling system, designed and developed by Asetek, as a possible cooling solution for its newest CPUs. Of course this will have good impact on price and coupled with high cost of processor itself can results in kind a frightening figures for end-users. On the other hand, WC is more efficient way of cooling that provides more room for enthusiastic actions, overclocking that is.

Therefore, a combination of High-end CPU and highly-efficient WC system will surely attract lots of hardware enthusiasts that wish to have only the best components to reach new performance heights. Besides, this step can become damascene moment for liquidcooling system manufacturers.

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