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LucidLogic Virtu work with ASUS on Z68 motherboards

LucidLogic Virtu to bridge discrete and dedicated graphics on Asus motherboards with Intel Z68 chipsets

Expanding their relationship beyond hardware, LucidLogix today announced that its’ Virtu™ GPU virtualization software will be integrated into various SKUs of ASUS® motherboards based on the Intel Z68 chipsets. Virtu allows the systems to simultaneously take full advantage of both the low-­‐power best-­‐in-­‐class media processing features of the 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM processor graphics and the 3D gaming performance of add-­‐in cards with graphics processing units (GPUs) from AMD and NVIDIA®.

Offir Remez, president and founder of Lucid, said:

Since ASUS supplies a third of the world’s motherboards, their knowledge and expertise in the market magnifies the importance of a seamless media experience only provided by Lucid. The Virtu solution is rapidly becoming a standard, must-­‐have feature and its expanding market acceptance creates a runway for further innovation in both desktop and notebook PC graphics.

Utilizing its knowledge and capabilities to serve generic graphics processors, Lucid has developed an important improvement for media and gaming PC users. Until now, once a discrete GPU was attached to a desktop computer, the integrated GPU became inaccessible. Now with Lucid virtualization it is possible to run one or two discrete GPUs and still utilize the transcoding performance and lower power of the Intel® HD graphics in the 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM processor.

ASUS will make Virtu available in various motherboard SKUs based on the Z68 chipsets where the Virtu brand will be featured on the board’s packaging for system integrators and end users.

Chewei Lin, head of ASUS Motherboard Business Unit,said

ASUS again raises the bar with Z68 motherboards. Empowered by exclusive DIGI+ VRM digital power design, the graphical interface-­‐based UEFI BIOS and Lucid Virtu capabilities, ASUS P8Z68 Series motherboards give our customers faster multimedia transcoding while also providing universal graphics support that takes advantage of every brand’s benefits and features. ASUS P8Z68 owners can make the most of a wide range of technologies without having to compromise or sacrifice functionality.

Lucid plans to continue expanding the availability of its Virtu desktop virtualization features into more motherboard brands as well as providing more added value technology features.

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