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Market Launch of New Enermax APS Fans

Enermax presents the new multi-purpose fans with APS function. 120mm and 180mm models now available

Enermax presents the new multi-purpose fans with APS function. 120mm and 180mm models now available.

Three Fields of Application. One Product.

Hamburg, 11th of July 2013. A small switch at the hub of the new Enermax fans has a big effect: Due to this new feature, end users can individually widen or limit the fan’s RPM range according to the system configuration and requirements. The new innovation from Enermax is called “Adjustable Peak Speed” (APS) and enables the adapting of the fan to its field of application. Therefore, the manufacturer can address three different target groups with just one product: At default setting (“Silent Mode”), the fan runs with max. 1.300 to 1.500 RPM, depending on the model. For the installation in a silent PC system, the user can slow the speed down to max. 1.000 or 1.200 RPM (“Ultra Silent Mode”) and make sure that the fan will work virtually silent. At “Performance Mode” the noise generation does not play a major role. The new APS fans will run with up to 1.800 RPM and reach the best possible cooling performance with max. 147.29 m3/h.*

*Cluster Advance, UCCLA12P

Automatic Speed Regulation & Shift Speed Control

Within the selected mode of operation and RPM range, the fans are controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM) like the Cluster Advance fan or by a thermal sensor (Everest Advance). The Magma Advance and the 180mm models T.B.Vegas Quad and T.B.Apollish are not equipped with an automatic RPM regulation. Nevertheless, they also come with a small switch at the back which enables the so-called “Shift Speed Control”. It will change the fixed maximum speed of these fans in three steps so that end users can select the most suitable cooling mode for their system. As usual, the 120mm fans from Enermax are based on the trusted Twister bearing. The patented technology ensures a smooth and durable operation of up to 100.000 hours MTBF. The Twister bearing further contains a solution for one continuous problem of end users: After a longer period of time, the fan blades are covered with dust which will finally also influence the system cooling. Therefore, end users can detach the rotors of the Twister models and clean them from dust more comfortably.

180mm Fans: Powerful Cooling with Minimum Noise Generation

Apart from the standard mounting holes for 12cm and 14cm fans, many cases on the market, including the Enermax towers Fulmo GT, FulmoFulmo ST and Ostrog GT, are equipped with slots for big-size 180 and 200mm fans. Latter offer a much better balance between performance, speed and noise generation than smaller fans. At the same speed, a 180mm or 200mm can pull much more air: Already at 600 RPM, the new Enermax T.B.Apollish 18cm and T.B.Vegas Quad 18cm achieve an air flow rate of 116.55 m3/h. For comparison, to reach a similar cooling performance, the Enermax Cluster 12cm (UCCL12) requires a speed of more than 1.200 RPM! It is hardly surprising that the demand for big-size fans is growing steadily. At the same time, case vendors still apply different assembling standards for these fans. Enermax has therefore integrated two mounting holes in the fan frame – one for 180mm, one for 200mm fan slots. Therefore, T.B.Apollish and T.B.Vegas Quad can support both two prevalent mounting systems.

Overview over the New Enermax Fan Models

Cluster Advance 120mm
The Cluster Advance offers the widest RPM range amongst the new 12cm fans and achieves the highest cooling performance with maximum 147.29 m3/h. Cluster belongs to the few white fans at the market. Four switchable white LEDs complete its elegant appearance.
Speed ControlPWM Control / APS Function
Bearing TypePatented Twister Bearing (100.000 hours MTBF)
APS ModeUltra SilentSilentPerformance
Speed (RPM)500 ~ 1.200500 ~ 1.500500 ~ 1.800
Air Flow Rate (m3/h)45.04 ~ 90.0845.04 ~ 121.0545.04 ~ 147.29
Noise Level (dB(A))8 – 148 – 188 – 21
Product PicturesWEB (72 dpi)
PRINT (300 dpi)
MSRP incl. VAT12.99 Euro
Everest Advance
The Everest series with its thermal control exists since five years already. Enermax now extends it with a model which is equipped with the new APS function. The thermal sensor can be placed somewhere in the system and ensures an efficient automatic speed control – within the selected APS mode. The blades and the frame of the Everest Advance are transparent. Four blue LEDs with on/off function create a cool illumination of the case.
Speed ControlThermal Control / APS Function
Bearing TypePatented Twister Bearing (100.000 hours MTBF)
APS ModeUltra SilentSilentPerformance
Speed (RPM)500 ~ 1.000500 ~ 1.300500 ~ 1.600
Air Flow Rate (m3/h)45.04 ~ 78.3245.04 ~ 102.1345.04 ~ 129.12
Noise Level (dB(A))8 – 128 – 158 – 19
MSRP incl. VAT11.99 EuroProduct PicturesWEB (72 dpi)
PRINT (300 dpi)
Magma Advance 120mm
If you need a fan for extreme conditions, the Magma Advance is the perfect choice. It is made from high-quality and heat-resistant components, so that it can stand temperatures of up to 85°C. Therefore the fan is suitable especially for servers, high-performance workstations or overclocked systems. With the new “Shift Speed Control”, the Magma Advance can be applied much more flexible than the standard UCMA12 version.
Speed ControlFixed RPM / SSC Function
Bearing TypePatented Twister Bearing (100.000 hours MTBF)
APS ModeUltra SilentSilentPerformance
Speed (RPM)100015001800
Air Flow Rate (m3/h)80.99117.49141.07
Noise Level (dB(A))131820
Product PicturesWEB (72 dpi)
PRINT (300 dpi)
MSRP incl. VAT8.99 Euro
T.B.Vegas Quad 180mm / T.B.Apollish 180mm
The new T.B.Vegas Quad 180mm creates real Vegas atmosphere: Four colours (blue/red/green/white) and six LED effects turn even an unpretentious PC case into an eye-catcher. In comparison to the four-colour fan, the blue or red T.B.Apollish 180mm fan appears pure and simple. All new 180mm LED models are based on the patented LED technology from Enermax. The LED ring with 18 or 24 diodes and reflex strips on the fan blades generate a high luminosity, bright colours and spectacular light effects that are unmatched in the LED fan market. With the new “Shift Speed Control”, the speed of the T.B.Vegas Quad and T.B.Apollish can be changed in three steps according to the individual needs and system requirements. To optimize the air flow rate of the 180mm fans, Enermax applies specially shaped turbine blades.
Product Pictures:WEB (72 dpi)
PRINT (300 dpi)

Apart from that, the new T.B.Vegas Quad and T.B.Apollish come with a Vortex frame which concentrates the cool air and eliminates hot spots effectively.

LED LightPatented Circular LED Light with 24 diodes (6x blue / 6x roed / 6x green / 6x white)Patented Circular LED Light with 18 diodes (red or blue)
Speed ControlFixed RPM / SSC Function
APS ModeUltra SilentSilentPerformance
Speed (RPM)6009001200
Air Flow Rate (m3/h)116.55174.81209.77
Noise Level (dB(A))151820
MSRP incl. VAT18.99 Euro14.99 Euro

More technical data and product photos:

Preview: Further APS Models in Coming Months

Enermax will also release new 12cm LED fans with single colour (blue, red & white) as well as with a four-colour LED ring (in blue, red, green & white). The T.B.Vegas Single and T.B.Vegas Quad models are equipped with the innovative APS function and are controlled by PWM. MSRP incl. VAT: 13.99 Euro for the T.B.Vegas Single and 15.99 Euro for the T.B.Vegas Quad. Expected product launch: August 2013 (T.B.Vegas Quad) and October 2013 (T.B.Vegas Single).

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