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Mobile Llano specs leaked

Details specification, several photos and performance estimates

In spite that Llano Desktop processors specs and prices are already revealed, mobile series will be first to hit the market. This is why Tukish media source has published mobile Llano processors specification:

As you see, Turbo Core 2.0 allows speed increment of 400-900 MHz. Follow the specs, here are some photos of three mobile Llano models provided by Chinese media source:

AMD A4-3300M AMD A6-3400M AMD A6-3400M

In addition, there are rumors about the 3DMark Vantage performance of the IGPs presented in Llano mobile line-up. A combination of A4-3300M and HD 6480G has resulted in P1625 score with benchmark Performance profile settings, A6-3410MX/HD 6520G has collected P1882 points and P2842 points goes to A8-3510MX/HD 6620G tandem.

Note that these processors are meant to be installed inside notebooks, therefore, you won’t see them sell in retail.


# Avatar Arstechnica,

A8 series have 480 shaders, not 400.
Didn’t anyone see the video : i7 vs A8 3510MX.
It clearly states the specifications for this chip.
It feels like much of the computer world is in complete darkness, thanks to DONANIMHABER (or whatever) and its blind followers

# Avatar hw-lab team,

A8 series have 480 shaders, not 400.


Didn’t anyone see the video : i7 vs A8 3510MX.

You must be referring to this video.That video shows system spec, not chip. So who is blind now?

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