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More details on Intel Ivy Bridge line-up

Leaked slide showing some interesting point of the upcoming processor line-up

Currently Intel is working on its next gen of Core processors codename Ivy Bridge. Built using 22nm process technologies the processors are said to have integrated memory controller supporting up-to four DIMM slots of dual-channel DDR3 memory of 1600MHz. That controller will also support SO-DIMM memory modules in case there is need for such. More info can be acquired from the following slide.

Ivy Bridge leaked slide
If these specs are correct then we should expect current motherboards based on Intel 6-series chipset(Cougar Point), P67 and H67 only, to support Ivy Bridge processors which production involves third generation of Hi-K metal gate process technology. BIOS update should provide necessary support or new CPUs. Besides, there will be a separate chipset line-up released for them — Panther point. Other features of 7th series chipsets include full support of DirectX 11 API for Integrated graphics processor improving overall performance of the upcoming CPU, native support of USB 3.0 confirmed earlier and Turbo Boost 2.0 technology which was introduced in Sandy Bridge.

The earlier plan on introduction of Intel Ivy Bridge product was set to 1H 2012, however, there is info that Intel has shifted launch date to Q4 2011

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