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More extreme Nvidia graphic cards are coming

Nvidia and its partners reveal details on the upcoming version of already released high-end solutions

At the moment there are no plans, not event rumors, for launching more high-end solutions which makes NVIDIA’s partners to develop custom versions of already released flagship cards in order to keep them on the boil. Some AIBs has already come with 3GB version of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 graphics as well as watercooled solutions.

Well known Chinese media source had made a statement that MSI plans to equip N580GTX Lightning card with 3GB of GDDR5 memory which will result in adding “Xtreme Edition” suffix to product’s name. It is expected to be shown in public at Computex 2011 exhibition in June.

Same source also revealed ASUS intentions to present Ares version of GeForce GTX 590 card that will operate at 875/1750/4800 MHz with 2 х 4GB of GDDR5 memory on board and power supplied via three 8-pin PCIe connectors. Taking everything into account, this limited edition product’s price will surely jump over 1000 Euro mark. Final product name is subject to change to GeForce GTX 595 in order to outline the uniqueness of the graphic card.

In addition, NVIDIA is rumored to start shipping GeForce GTX 590 card with revised PCB starting from June 2011. The new revision card will have 699-11020-005-502 marking (instead of current 699-11020-005-500) as well as new inductors, larger PCB and a new cooling solution. Perhaps this is NVIDIA’s response to low interest to GTX 590 among hardware enthusiasts proceeded by slight overclocking potential due to this

Update on 04.17.2011

It looks like that last rumor is demolished as Joe Darwin, director of technical marketing and Ben Berraondo, senior EMEA PR manager at NVIDIA denied the possibility of a new GeForce GTX 590 revision by saying:

NVIDIA regularly adds alternate source components to products as part of normal supply chain management, but there is no new Geforce GTX 590 board design as rumored. All Geforce GTX 590 graphics cards run great as originally designed.

Same fact was also confirmed by EVGA representatives.

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