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More OEM graphics cards from AMD

AMD prepares three more budget graphics cards for OEM market.

Hereafter the announcement of Radeon HD 6700 series cards, AMD has expanded the variety of OEM products yet with more models. Unlike Radeon HD 6770 and Radeon HD 6750 cards that are built on Juniper core which is the same core used for HD 5700 cards, new ones are based on totally different GPUs.

The novelty line-up includes Radeon HD 6450(on the right), Radeon HD 6570(in the middle) and Radeon HD 6670 (on the left) to present inexpensive products for OEM segment. In fact, Radeon HD 6670 is a continuation of Radeon HD 5670 card but is build on Turks GPU featuring 480 Stream Processors and requires one additional 6-pin power connector. Yet another card is based on Turks chip — Radeon HD 6570, however its has lower GPU clock compared to Radeon HD 6670. Therefore, it is 800MHz and 650 MHz for HD 6670 and HD 6570 respectively. More details on Turks-based card specs can be found in our previous article.

The last one, Radeon HD 6450, uses Caicos die and has only 160 SPs. Nevertheless, the cards can have 512MB or 1GB of GDDR5 memory on-board.

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# Avatar Mike,

Need replacement for AMD -ATI Raseon HD 3650 My HP Desktop has a power supply 350W max so most cards require more power than I have.

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