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Mozilla Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 are ready to download

First alpha builds of Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 are officially presented.

On 13th of April, Mozilla has released Firefox 6 alpha 1 which will be finalized by 18th Of August.

You can download it from FTP. You can also find there pre-release version of Firefox 5, which also known as 4.2 prealpha 1 version, and should be completed by 21st of June 2011. Don’t forget that Firefox 7 is planed to be presented in 2011 too.

Besides, Mozilla changed the codename for “night builds”, that are updated every night, from “Minefild” to “Nighly”. In addition, new logos for Nightly and Aurora were presented:

As we already know, Mozilla splits Firefox development into four channels, Mercurial repository. The most recent comes in mozilla-central (Nightly channel), next, all novelties to pass stability checks will be presented in firefox-aurora (Aurora channel), next — firefox-beta (Beta channel), and finally — the release version (Release channel). Software development from channel to channel now takes only five weeks.

One day later, Mozilla Foundation has launched Aurora channel by presenting second Alpha version of Firefox 5. This channel, same as Nightly and Release ones, will update automatically in silent mode and install updated when browser is restarted.

To download and install Firefox 5 alpha 2 go to Firefox Future Releases page. There, You can also subscribe to news from Aurora and Beta channel. Also, this is the same place where Firefox Beta version could be found as soon as Firefox 5 shifts to this development stage. At that same time Firefox 6 moves to Aurora, Nightly channel starts working on Firefox 7.

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