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MSI F-series notebooks are presented

Fast laptops with a touch of class

MSI is rolling out a new generation of F Series notebook computers. They include the FX620, FR620, FX720, and FR720 which employ the 2nd generation Intel® Corei5™ processor, the newest generation of high performance display technology, and powerful computing capabilities packed in a stylish exterior. You’ll want to take these mean machines everywhere.

Taipei — MSI is introducing four new additions to its F laptop series, including the 15.6-inch FX620/FR620 and the 17.3-inch FX720/FR720. They feature the newest high performance 2nd generation Intel® Core i5™ CPU, Turbo Battery+ power-saving technology, Easy Face recognition software, i-Charge, S-Bar, high-end, cinema-grade THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound, and Cinema Pro image technology. What’s more, MSI has done away with the impersonal, cookie-cutter sameness so common to high tech products and replaced it with its own raised totem seal coating and color film print to prevent scratching and wear. These chic NBs meet the highest standards both inside and out.

Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales, MSI Notebook, notes that the new F Series NBs are much more powerful. All of them pack Intel’s 2nd generation Core i5™ processor and the FX620 and FX720, in particular, come equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT520M discrete graphics card with 1GB of display memory and support DirectX11 which greatly enhances picture resolution for richer multimedia and game applications. The FR620 and FR720 come with Intel’s built-in HD 3000 graphics card. These powerful new cards provide improved display performance on par with that of discrete graphics cards.

Source: MSI

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