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Futuremark Lords of Overclocking Contest Offers Final

Press-release: Three Places at MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2012

Futuremark has announced its fourth annual Lords of Overclocking competition in partnership with MSI, Intel, Kingston and IN WIN. One of the year’s most anticipated contests, Lords of Overclocking 2012 will bring together the top overclocking talent from around the world to compete for the final three “money-can’t buy” places at the prestigious MSI Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) event in Taipei, Taiwan later this year. Lords of Overclocking 2012 starts July 27, runs until August 23, and is open to everyone with MSI brand mainboards and graphics cards. Prizes, rules and full details can be found on the contest page.

Jukka Mäkinen, Futuremark CEO, says:

Futuremark is pleased to partner with MSI in our fourth consecutive year of supporting competitive overclocking at the highest level. Lords of Overclocking is the final qualifying event for MOA and we look forward to seeing new records set in what promises to be an exciting and closely fought competition

Zona Lin, Marketing Manager at MSI said:

This year, MSI is investing in its largest ever campaign to support, grow and promote the overclocking community. MSI invites enthusiasts everywhere to enter the Lords of Overclocking contest and experience overclocking with the performance, stability and quality of MSI military class mainboards and graphics cards.

With regional qualifying for Master Overclocking Arena now complete, Futuremark’s Lords of Overclocking contest is the final chance for overclockers to earn a place in the MOA grand final. With three places up for grabs, contestants will be competing in three separate categories using 3DMark 11, the world’s most popular gaming benchmark for DirectX 11 PCs. 3DMark 11 can be downloaded for free from here.

  • Winner 1: Highest 3DMark 11 overall score using the Performance preset. Contestants must use a single MSI graphics card and an MSI mainboard
  • Winner 2: Highest 3DMark 11 Physics score, a test of pure CPU performance using simulated rigid body physics. Contestants must use an MSI mainboard and graphics card
  • Winner 3: Highest 3DMark 11 Graphics score using the Performance preset, a measure of GPU performance. Contestants must use an MSI mainboard and MSI graphics cards only. There is no limit to number of GPUs in this category

Prizes for the top scores entered during each week of the four week long contest include the new “OC Certified” MSI Z77 MPOWER mainboard and the HD 7870 Hawk graphics card equipped with Military Class III components certified to MIL-STD-810G military standards in seven different categories. Additional prizes from Kingston include HyperX 3K SSDs 90GB and HyperX T1 DDR3-2400 4GBx2 Dual Channel Memory modules, and from IN WIN, a pair of GR one Grey Full Tower and H-Frame ATX PC cases.

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