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MSI GTX 580 Hydrogen — factory watercooled graphics card

Pre-installed waterblock allows the card to run almost 20% cooler even at higher clocks.

MSI has prepared a HydroGen version GeForce GTX 580 targeted for high-performance segment. The graphic card comes with pre-installed Watercool HEAT KILLER GPU-X3 waterblock out of the box. Thanks to micro-channel design of the copper waterblock the reference design GeForce GTX 580 card can run up to 24 degrees cooler compared to stock cooler.

Usually custom cooling brings higher clocks, and this card is not an exception. The GPU of N580GTX HydroGen/OC runs at 823MHz, thereafter, 512 shaders are clocked 1645MHz. With 1536MB of GDDR5 on-board over a 384-bit bus this memory operates at 4276MHz.

The cards features two SLI headers for up-to 4-way multi-GPU setups, supports DirectX 11 API, CUDA, PhysX and 3DVision surround technologies. N580GTX HydroGen/OC requiters 8+6-pin power connector configuration to operate properly. The display signal can transferred to displays via dual DVI or/and HDMI outputs.

Pre-order prices for MSI GTX 580 Hydrogen was seen at 563 EU mark in Europe e-shops.

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