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MSI launches “I AM OC GENIE” contest

OC Genie fans are challenged to demonstrate their computers’ overclocking abilities.

World-renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI cooperate with famous memory company GeIL and overclocking website HWBOT hosting the “I AM OC GENIE” video shooting contest throughout the month of April to ask users to challenge their systems and share their experiences on video. Overclockers and computer aficionados everywhere have the opportunity to showcase the power of their computers as well as enter for a chance to win the latest prizes.

Beginning on April 1st until April 30th, participants using MSI P55/H55/H57 series motherboards are able enter the contest by submitting the benchmark result and creative short videos demonstrating the ease of using the 1-second overclocking feature with MSI OC Genie. The uploaded videos will then be judged by the number of votes they receive online.

Designed for the LGA 1156 platform, the 2-part contest will require participants to compete using CPU-Z and SuperPI 32M benchmarks. The top two winners with the best result will each receive the latest MSI P67 motherboard equipped with the latest MSI OC Genie II.

In addition to entering the contest on, MSI motherboard users have another opportunity to win by uploading their videos to the MSI FAN CLUB page on From April 1st to May 9th, the TOP2 video that obtains the highest number of votes will receive great prize prepared by MSI and GeIL.

For many gamers and power users who want the best possible performance out of their systems, overclocking is an economical and oftentimes entertaining option. However, in spite of its appeal, the complications and amount of time involved with the BIOS settings have been a deterrent for many.

By hosting this event, MSI hopes to demonstrate the ease in which one can instantly boost system performance with a single button using MSI OC Genie while at the same time providing fans an opportunity to have fun with their computers. At same time, GEIL also bring the new gaming memory module as the prize to share the performance experience with users.

At the end of the competition, the following prizes will be handed out:

  • First prize — P67A-GD80 (B3) (USD$230)
  • Second prize — GeIL Ultra PLUS DDR3 2000MHz 4GBx2 Dual Channel Kit (USD$199)

MSI Fan Club Voting Contest prizes:

  • P67A-GD65 (B3) (USD$180)
  • P67A-GD55 (B3) (USD$160)
  • Value PLUS DDR3 1600MHz 4GBx2 Dual Channel Kit (US$108)

The person who nails the best overclocking result as well as the most popular video will receive a GeIL EVO TWO DDR3 2133MHz 4GBx2 Dual Channel Kit (US$228)

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