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MSI presents 3TB+ Infinity technology

The technology fully supports hard drives surpassing 3TB capacity

MSI, the world-renowned motherboards and graphics cards manufacturer, has officially launched the unique technology to support hard drives larger than 3TB – 3TB+ Infinity; not only breaking through the limit of traditional BIOS, but also enhancing the utilization of hard drives efficiently. In addition to supporting the latest 3TB hard drives, MSI 3TB+ Infinity technology can use the 3TB hard drive as boot disk when installing a 64-bit operating system. Compared to competitors, MSI 3TB+ Infinity is an industry-leading technology which substantially presents an advantage of development and application in the future.

From now on, all users who buy or own MSI mainboards are able to download and update the latest BIOS via the official website. Then you can easily experience complete support for any 3TB hard drive with the 3TB+ Infinity technology.

MSI mainboards with support for 3TB+ Infinity (and corresponding products):

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