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MSI R7870 Hawk Continues the MSI Lightning Philosophy

Press-release: Introduce Unlocked Digital Power to Release Overall Overclocking Potential

Leading international graphics card and mainboard maker MSI today announced MSI R7870 Hawk, equipped with AMD's 28nm Radeon HD 7870 GPU. MSI introduce the flagship design concept of Lightning series into R7870 Hawk, adopting Unlocked Digital Power that incorporates an Unlocked BIOS, Digital PWM Controller, and Enhanced Power Design to boost overclocking potential and make overclocking easier than ever. With the industry first “GPU Reactor” power panel, it reduces power supply noise as well as increases overclocking stability. As for thermal solution, MSI R7870 Hawk utilizes the latest Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design with Dust Removal Technology. The dual 8cm fans with Propeller Blade Technology generate massive airflow for fast heat dissipation while remaining whisper silent. The two form-in-one heatsinks improve cooling for memory and the power module as well ensure structural integrity. The R7870 Hawk uses Military Class III components which have passed rigorous third-party testing to meet MIL-STD-810G standards, guaranteeing the card's stability and reliability under actual use conditions. Moreover, the “3X3 OC Kits” are designed to simplify overclocking, which makes it easier for users to fine-tune their graphics cards. Competing with flagship design of Lightning series, R7870 Hawk absolutely stands out on top among the industry's HD 7870 based graphics cards.

MSI R7870 Hawk

Unlocked Digital Power Releases Overall Overclocking Potential
MSI exclusive Unlocked Digital Power is composed of the Unlocked BIOS, Digital PWM Controller, and Enhanced Power Design. Unlocked BIOS enables to increase PowerTune limit by 57% as well as relax CCC and OCP limits to completely unleash the graphics card's overclocking potential. The Digital PWM Controller provides more stable and accurate voltage signals than analog designs, meaning the voltage can be adjusted more quickly and precisely during overclocking. Enhanced Power Design provides more power than reference design. Equipped with Unlocked Digital Power, R7870 Hawk is the best weapon for gamers.

GPU Reactor Create the Ultimate Power Core
The MSI R7870 Hawk implements the innovative “GPU Reactor” power panel which, when installed on the back of the GPU, increases 5 times current volume, reduces power supply noise by 20%, and improves overall overclocking stability. MSI GPU Reactor is easy to install and has built in safety features that make it easy even for ordinary users to install and remove.

MSI R7870 Hawk

Extreme Cooling Design for Better Cooling and Structural Strength
The MSI R7870 Hawk incorporates the next-generation Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design. The striking design of the new Twin Frozr IV comes from the two 8cm PWM fans with Propeller Blade Technology and two 8mm SuperPipes to enhance the effect of heat dissipation. MSI has also incorporated its exclusive Dust Removal Technology. Fans are running in reverse for 30 seconds after booting to remove dust from heatsinks and keep the graphics card’s cooling performance running at optimum levels. The R7870 Hawk also boasts two form-in-one heat sinks. One heatsink is located on the front of the graphics card to cool the memory and power modules, while another heatsink on the back of the card helps to protect and reinforce the card structure. The best thermal design on R7870 Hawk delivers 15℃ cooler and 5.7dB quieter than reference design.

Premium Materials and User-friendly Overclocking Design
MSI has always led the industry thanks to its unyielding commitment to product stability and quality and made sure that the R7870 Hawk was equipped with Military Class III components certified to MIL-STD-810G military standards in seven different categories by a third-party laboratory. The tantalum-core Hi-c CAP around GPU, the Copper MOS cooling design, the form-in-one Golden SSC, and the rust-proof Dark Solid CAP, all work together to deliver the MSI R7870 Hawk with the best possible stability.

The 3X3 OC Kits are designed for overclockers: V-Check Points enable to monitor GPU, Memory and VDDCI voltage by multi-meter while Triple Overvoltage and Triple Temp Monitor allow overclockers to quickly fine-tune and track the condition of graphics cards by MSI Afterburner.

MSI brought several innovative design concepts of R7970 Lightning to R7870 Hawk, such as Unlocked Digital Power, GPU Reactor, Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design and 3X3 OC Kits. These designs provide users with an even more perfect user experience and product performance. Learn more about the R7870 Hawk, please visit:

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